Cards are worth their nominal value apart from for the Ace which scores 1 or 11 points at the player's discretion and court cards which are worth ten points each.

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Our version is made for 4 players. If you take one from the discard pile, it will be the one discarded by the player who played before you. Put the remaining cards face down in the center to create the draw pile. After playing, what if I don't allow enough Monopoly money to pay a different player? You choose how to compensate - not the player you're paying! Minimal number of cards in this group is three, while there are no limitations for maximum number of cards. You earn Clover Points all through games with other players. No, but the action card was in their bank, it is considered money after that goes directly into your bank. Brilliant can be first card in such group or last card in such group.

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But a player didn't manage to ajar he gets points. If he sticks, the cards are laid down. A punter who busts gives the bank clerk his stake and puts his cards to one side.

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