Absent of Office — Similar to the above, what about adding a flag across the profile picture of a big cheese who is currently out of office? Faces are a uniquely powerful brand of imagery.

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I recommend a three or four by least. Wear your brand colors: abrasion a shirt with a splash of the company colors. Your face should fill most of the image. This is simple and obvious when you think about it.

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Acid test your profile picture with a application group Get some data from a focus group by uploading some options to PhotoFeeler. The background is additionally an opportunity to use contrasting colors without changing clothes. Just use a different background. Everyone has an opinion. When colors contrast with the colors around them, they stand out. Allocate This. Using a logo as a profile picture is a missed break to be human and personable.

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Finest practices are to use a austere or flat colored background. Share This. Did they slow down? I advise shooting in a variety of environments that you feel comfortable in. Others are too far away.

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Anything the case, we have the answer for you: PhotoLoader. Put the brand name color in the background: Put a tiny bit of your office all the rage the background. PhotoDefaulter is another at no cost AppExchange app, and it allows you to designate a single default air as a replacement for Astro before even use a rotation of images, so that when a new abuser or Community user is created, their photo will be defaulted for them based on your setup. Just air at this grid of profile pictures. I suggest shooting in a array of environments that you feel affluent in. Which would you connect with? Frame yourself Some headshots are also close to the camera. Clean ahead your ghosts.

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Awesome way to add a little amusement or branding to your instance before Community. On the badging side, Communities already have badges you can allocate to users, but as your users reach different tiers of activity, you could add a banner to their profile image that shows their aim or expertise. Big thanks to Vanessa Van Edwards for finding this! Abrasion your brand colors: wear a blouse with a splash of the ballet company colors.

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A minute ago use a different background. Put your face in the profile picture after that your passion in the background air. I also recommend against cartoon heads, dogs and babies. Here is Jimmy KlattOrbiteer and Ambassador of Love, demonstrating five examples of openness in smiles. Super simple and free.

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