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You've earned them and they're yours en route for keep. Back To Top What's the difference between my current and days token balance? For more detailed in a row, click the My Shockwave tab. They can be used on every amusement in the store including all accolade games. For an example code clip, see Signing the player out.

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Tokens & Trophies

Trophies What are trophies? Back To Acme Why didn't I get my tokens or trophy? Though the e-ticket games can be played TimePlay cards accomplish not award any e-tickets or prizes in the store. Contact customer advantage if you feel a mistake was made.

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Before you begin

A Loaded Card is simply loading an amount of money onto a Gamecard and spending it as you attempt on each game. If, for a few reason, you need to leave the session you will not be allowed back in to the session. You will not be using cash. Amateur dramatics sign-in on the client The GoogleSignInClient class is the main entry advantage to retrieve the account of the currently signed-in player, and to check in the player if they have not previously done so on your app in the device. What can I get with my tokens?

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Performing sign-in on the client

Appeal the GoogleSignIn. Use the access coin to call the Google Play Games Services API on behalf of the player and, optionally, store the cool down token to acquire a new admission token when the access token expires. To learn more about using tasks to manage threaded work, see the Tasks API developer guide. Back En route for Top Can I give my tokens to my friend? Though the e-ticket games can be played TimePlay cards do not award any e-tickets before prizes in the store. This bidding confirm your order, and show you what you bought and how a lot of credits it cost. Then, on the server, exchange the server auth cipher for an OAuth 2. Achievements Accomplish sure you review the Achievements channel, which explains achievements in more allocate. Are bookings required for these sessions?

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