The app publisher receives and stores these registration details, including the unique identifiers. Push notifications look like SMS book messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.

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Why are they used?

This allows you to quickly make adjustments in coordination with your daily agenda. Or, the publisher sets up an automated message to be sent by the API. This provides tremendous elasticity depending on your daily schedule. This is a major advantage when compared to SMS text messaging. But designed for funeral directors who live in bucolic or mountainous areas, it is a lot necessary to visit remote regions en route for meet with families or handle removals. The publisher determines whether the communication should be sent immediately or list. The user opens the app.

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Web Push Notifications - End to End implementation

What are push notifications?

The user opens the app. The app publisher uploads the app to the app store. It receives incoming notifications. Push notifications, however, can be customized according to your preferences and changed at any time using the app.

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